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What To Wear For Art Basel 2016

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As Art Basel draws closer, trendy art-lovers gear up for the hottest art festival in South Beach. Attracting art collectors, celebrities and free-spirited bohemians, Miami is abuzz with energy and inspiration. And what better way to strut along the artsy streets of Art Basel than to sport this season’s hottest outfits? Get ready to let your fashion juices (and creative juices) flow with these trendy duds for 2016.

All The Trimmings

This season’s fashion is all about wearing pieces with extra trimmings. For ladies, statements like sheer cut-outs, leather add-ons and fringes are very now.

Men can look clean-cut yet stylish in shirts with elbow patches. This version by Claudio Milano offers an interesting blend between classically handsome and trendy.

Wear these outfits with nude shoes and your go-to accessories, so you can mingle with your fellow art connoisseurs in style.

What to Wear for Art Basel - Linen Cut-Out Dress
What to Wear for Art Basel - Linen Mens Shirt

Boho, Let’s Go!

The bohemian trend is here and still going strong. And of course, it makes the ideal theme for a festival full of artsy folks.  Known for its laidback vibe and earthy material, the bohemian look defines what to wear for Art Basel 2016.

Men can look rugged in linen V-neck shirts, while women can look gorgeous in loose maxi skirts and dresses. When wearing organic material and showing off your effortless style, you’ll nail down your boho outfit.

What to Wear for Art Basel - Linen V-Neck Shirt
What to Wear for Art Basel - Linen Boho Skirt

Cool in Collars

Prim and crisp, collared shirts make a solid option for the travelling sophisticate. They can easily match with any accessories, bottoms and hairstyles, so you’ll get both convenience and class with this look.

The best versions are made with 100% genuine linen, giving you a comfortable and absorbent fit for those hot days of walking around. Claudio Milano designs their collar shirts with the highest-grade linen material, letting you stay fresh from am to pm.

What to Wear for Art Basel - Linen Golf Dress
What to Wear for Art Basel - Linen Button-Up Shirt

Dress Down – Button-Up

If dolling up isn’t your thing, dress down with some casual button-up shirts. They’re reliable, flattering and totally wearable for your strolls in and out of art galleries all day.

Men can pair their button up shirt with straight leg jeans or linen pants, while women can wear an oversized button up shirt with ankle boots.

No more sweating and fussing over what to wear for Art Basel 2016. Your fashion solutions are wonderfully simple – you just need to start with your favorite trend…enjoy art gazing!

what-to-wear-for-art-basel - Men's Turquoise Shirt
What to Wear for Art Basel - Linen Tunic

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