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Winter Vacation Blues

Winter Vacation Blues

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It’s a new year! That means new fads, new trends, and most importantly, new clothes! Winter has arrived, and it’s my personal favorite season of the year, both for weather and fashion. Planning a winter getaway this year? While most use this time to bring out their heavy black coats, you’d be surprised to find that blue is actually the easiest color to rock this season; and I’m not just talking about the pale blue hues that everyone tends to gravitate towards when the temperature starts dropping.

Go big with bright, dazzling shades, like a bold denim blue, that’ll make you stand out in a crowd of gloomy grays and faded blacks. Whether you’re bundled up in the cold or heating up in the tropics, this cool color will keep you stylish no matter the event.

Nothing is better than a winter vacation, and this year, the best thing about blue is its diversity. There’s a shade of blue for every mood. So, sure, maybe it’s a little scary to venture away from your usual black shades and dive into this trend head-first. No problem! Take it slow by adding some fresh new navy pieces to your wardrobe. 

Want to brighten up the mood in this gloomy winter atmosphere? Try a flashy turquoise to match the tropical ocean water.

Remember: while most of the nation is stuck in snow storms and cloudy skies, you’re relaxing by the beach, so don’t be afraid to really step out of your comfort zone this winter season; there’s no better time to indulge in new trends than vacation time, when anything goes!

Whether you’re a guy or a gal, there’s a way for you to style your blues. Check out these cool pieces that’ll keep you looking confident and chic this winter:


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