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Lila Valentina - Claudio Milano

Meet Our December Holiday Giveaway Winner, Lila Valentina

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Meet Lila Valentina, our December holiday giveaway winner, and current muse! We were inspired by Lila’s free-spirited take on life and her seemingly natural ability to capture beauty through style, travel and story-telling. Besides her instagram page, where she blogs her daily experiences, Lila loves sharing magical moments with friends, making people laugh, and radiates positive energy through simply being true to herself. We wanted to know more…

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am originally from Stockholm but have been based in London UK for more than ten years. I studied make-up, interior design and photography. I always loved the camera and wanted to be both in front and behind it. When I was little I wanted to be a model because I was in awe of the beautiful clothes they modeled and the idea of traveling the world. Outside of blogging I love doing comedy improv. I recently auditioned to be part of a team, we will find out how it goes in September!

2. Describe your perfect day.

In the summer time, I would be waking up on a tropical island and going for a sunrise swim! Bicycling for brunch with loved ones and having fun. Followed by an afternoon visit to the spa. In the evening I would love to dance barefoot under the night sky looking out for shooting stars and making wishes.

3. Your photos really inspired us. How does photography play a role in your life?

I take pictures for my blog on Instagram almost every day! I always had an interest but I didn’t quite master it until I learnt to edit in Lightroom and Photoshop a few years ago. Sometimes I wake up with an image of an outfit in my mind and I want to shoot it, I then work out what would look good with it and where to set it. When I’m out traveling it is easy, because everything is so inspiring. I love working with others on their imagery too, my favourite jobs are working with likeminded people, getting excited about what we’re creating.

Sometimes I wake up with an image of an outfit in my mind and I want to shoot it

4. What was one of your favorite destinations so far, and why?

The Stockholm archipelago in Sweden is a magical place of 30,000 islands set in a stunning landscape, you can take a boat out and visit the many restaurants and even stay over night and continue exploring the next day. On midsummer’s eve, the lightest day of the year, we celebrate by dressing a midsummer’s pole in flowers and dance around it until the early hours, the sky and ocean blend together and creates a pallet of the most beautiful violets, blues and pinks. It’s unforgettable.

5. You recently traveled to Formentera, Spain. Tell us a bit about your retreat and where you stayed.

Yes, I returned to my favorite yoga retreat on Formentera! This time we stayed in a new place called the Moon Villa (Etosoto) on the east side of the island. The landscape is rugged raw nature with an opportunity for long walks and star gazing. We had something called a blue moon rise which we all watched together and it was one of those special moments shared with friends.

6. How would you describe your style when it comes to your wardrobe?

My wardrobe favorites have to be everything light blue and white at the moment! I really love the crisp contrast. I am also really into playsuits and jumpsuits as they are so easy to wear and make for a fun and gorgeous look. London has been very warm this summer, so I have been able to wear a lot of my holiday wardrobe too!

7. You brought your Claudio Milano linen with you to Formentera. How does linen clothing blend with your lifestyle?

I loved having my Claudio Milano linen with me in Formentera. I have to be comfortable and feel myself in my clothes. A successful outfit to me is something that excites me and makes me feel better. Island life is at its heart carefree, easy and playful, just what I love, and I think linen clothing enhances and blends perfectly with this experience. It felt just right wearing my Claudio Milano linen in Formentera, fresh and ready to soak up the sun.

I have to be comfortable and feel myself in my clothes.

8. If you could say one thing to your younger self, what would it be?

Be true to you.


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